PADF: Break the Silence

PADF: Break the Silence

Child Sexual Abuse is GLOBAL issue!⠀

And in 2019 alone, Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago reported that 4000 child abuse cases were reported, 22.6% of which were sexual abuse cases, the highest reported type of cases.⠀
Read more here ~ httpss://⠀

According to Article 19 of the Convention for the Rights of a Child, children should be protected from physical and mental violence, abuse and neglect by parents, guardians or by anyone who supervises a child. ⠀

Read A Story of Hope, an account of the journey of migration, as told through the eyes of a migrant child. (See bio to download book)⠀

We NEED to stand up and #SaveOurChildren. Recognize the signs of CSA that can be present in your home and your community. If you or someone you know is experiencing any form of child abuse, you can contact any of the listed contacts above.

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