Leadership and Advocacy Program Application

Leadership and Advocacy Program Application

Are you a migrant living in Trinidad and Tobago?

Interested in being a leader in your community? Interested in advocating for your own rights as a migrant or refugee?

Then apply to both create and participate in a Pilot Leadership and Advocacy Programme for Migrants and Refugees!


During this Leadership and Advocacy program, LWC-MMR aims to support participants to develop their capacity to better self-organize, address challenges and advocate on behalf of the migrant and refugee community.  

The program will consist of a series of workshops which will take place in May 2022. Other learning methods can be explored with selected participants. This programme is an innovative blended-learning program in which the participants will  co-create the content and approach. The programme  responds to calls by refugees for more active participation in decisions affecting their lives and their specific needs for targeted capacity support. By the end of this learning process, participants should have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to take on leadership responsibilities within community organizations, lead networks or movements, and ultimately to improve the access to and delivery of services to their counterparts. 


Application Process

Applicants are to submit their responses to the below questions to be considered for participation.



  1. Why would you want to participate in this program?
  2. How much time might you be able to dedicate to this program? (# hours per week/# of weeks)?
  3. How have you overcome language and cultural differences while living in T&T?
  4. What would you like your life and your community to be?
  5. How might you positively impact the lives of other refugees and migrants in T&T?
  6. What skills might you be able to share/teach others in the program?


Kindly submit your application either in writing, video or voice note to hr@lwcrefugee.org ,via Whatsapp to 279-4569 or by filling out the Application Form by Monday 11th April 2022.


LWC’s Ministry for Migrants and Refugees (MMR) works mainly with refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrants from many countries and of various regions, including from Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba with over 30 countries represented. MMR’s mission is to faithfully serve all persons in need of protection. We envision a world where all migrants and refugees can enjoy meaningful access to rights and are treated as dignified human beings. We work towards an adequate enabling protective environment and aim to empower migrants and refugees to lead their own self-protection efforts.