Internet and Phone Services

Internet and Phone Services

There are two main mobile providers in Trinidad and Tobago: bmobile and Digicel. There are various outlets where you can purchase a bmobile or Digicel  SIM cards throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Credit on prepaid SIM cards expires 30 days after the date of purchase. SIM cards have an additional 30 days to be replenished after a credit expires to avoid disconnection.

To view store locations across Trinidad and Tobago, please click the following links:



Find a list of free internet access points in Trinidad and Tobago below:

  • Flow
  • Bzone
  • KFC
  • PTSC City Gate
  • Rituals (Cafes around the country)
  • Royal Castle
  • Starbucks

Should anyone be in need of internet or data to access key services, please contact Living Water Community via the toll free hotline at 866-0025