Empowering Local NGOs in Trinidad: The Empower Team at Catholic Relief Services (C.R.S.) conducts Grant Proposal Writing and Project Management Training

Empowering Local NGOs in Trinidad: The Empower Team at Catholic Relief Services (C.R.S.) conducts Grant Proposal Writing and Project Management Training

In a bid to enhance the capacity and effectiveness of local NGOs, the Catholic Relief Services (C.R.S.) EMPOWER team recently conducted transformative training for the Living Water Community, Ministry for Migrants and Refugees (MMR) in Trinidad and Tobago. The comprehensive workshops focused on grant proposal writing and project management, equipping the Ministry’s management team with essential skills and knowledge to better serve vulnerable migrant and refugee populations.


The Living Water Community has long been at the forefront of providing vital support to migrants and refugees in Trinidad and Tobago. However, like many grassroots organizations, they face challenges in accessing funding opportunities and efficiently managing their projects. Recognizing this need, C.R.S. EMPOWER team was engaged to lend their expertise and empower the NGO, along with other partner organizations like the Archdiocesan Ministry for Migrants and Refugees (AMMR) and Sewa International TT, with the skills  necessary to craft compelling grant proposals and efficiently manage projects from conception to completion.


The Grant Proposal Writing component of the training delved into the art of effectively communicating an organization’s mission, goals, and impact in a concise yet persuasive manner. Participants learned the critical elements of a successful grant proposal, including needs assessment, setting objectives, activities, budgets, and evaluation plans. Through interactive exercises and real-life case studies, the Empower team guided the participants in crafting proposals that would meet the standards of local and international donors and funding agencies.


The Project Management training, on the other hand, focused on equipping the NGO with efficient project design, planning and implementation techniques. Understanding the importance of effective project management in achieving desired outcomes, the team covered topics such as project design, stakeholder engagement, risk assessment, and monitoring and evaluation. This holistic approach aimed to enhance LWC’s project implementation capabilities and ultimately improve the quality of services provided to migrants and refugees.


The impact of the training was tangible, as participants expressed newfound confidence and enthusiasm in their ability to secure funding and manage projects more effectively. Simone Aguilera-Hay, Acting Coordinator at LWC MMR, remarked, “The training provided by C.R.S. Empower was indeed a transformative experience for our team. I believe each participant came out of it  feeling better equipped to tackle funding opportunities and manage projects more effectively.”

As a result of the successful collaboration between CRS and MMR, the stage is set for improved services and support to vulnerable migrant and refugee populations in Trinidad and Tobago.

By strengthening the capacity of local NGOs like LWC, the C.R.S. Empower team is making a lasting difference in the lives of those who need it most


This training initiative serves as a shining example of how collaboration between international organizations and grassroots NGOs can create a profound and positive impact on communities. By fostering knowledge exchange and skill-building, the C.R.S. Empower team is empowering local changemakers to continue their vital work and create a brighter, more inclusive future for migrants and refugees in Trinidad and Tobago.